Maine's Hackathon

What is this?

A hackathon where like-minded computer enthusiasts meet to work together on computer programming. Teams collaborate to build and code something original in the form of websites/apps.

What is the goal?

This year’s challenge is to build a mobile app, program hardware, or create a web site that helps your community in any way.


You're invited!

Maine high school students.

A team usually consists of 3 - 5 people who collaborate on a project for the entire event. You can come with a team, or make one with new friends you meet at hackME during registration!

Coaches and Mentors.

It is highly recommended that your team bring a coach, responsible adult, or mentor. If you would like to be a mentor, please email

Only until

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

8am to 8pm


Located at

Falmouth High School

74 Woodville Rd, Falmouth, ME

Scoring and Prizes!

Decided by Computer Science teachers from around Maine.

1st Place: $100

2nd Place: $75

3rd Place: $50

*from 2018; subject to INCREASE.

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Email us at:

Also, who are we?

Students at Falmouth High School interested in programming.